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Re: 2007/07/12 - Boston, MA - Tweeter Center

Due to the fact that the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA sucks more than a black hole, we missed three quarters of Jambi. And when we got to our overpriced pavilion seats, they were so far off to the right of the stage that Danny’s drums sounded like a rain of turds hitting a windowpane. The sound absolutely sucked, so I couldn’t tell you how good the band was pulling off the early part of the set. Combined with the constant parade of alleged Tool fans constantly coming and going through our row, I finally abandoned my overpriced pavilion seats and sought out the high ground at the middle of the lawn, where partial visual contact with the band was made up for by the excellent sound.

Once there with my dosed friends, we were rewarded for our efforts by the band unleashing “Pushit” and “Flood.” It was perhaps one of the finest live moments I’ve ever shared at a Tool concert (and I’ve been seeing them since Lollapalooza ‘93). Truly moving. To me, these two songs were the peak of the night, and they never even came close to raising power like that again, even with the very strong “Vicarious” at the end.

If I had any complaints about the setlist, it would be with “Wings->10,000 Days.” I don’t care if people consider this blasphemy. While I respect the intent of the piece, I feel that it is a tremendous time waster, as was Danny’s drum solo (everything he plays is a drum solo!). After all the cost and hassle to get to the show, I’d like more sonic/metaphysical ass kicking please.

But whatever—they’re still the best live rock and roll band on the planet, and they know it. They’re the Led Zeppelin of the early 21st century, and the fact that there were so many younger people there gives me hope that rock and roll will stay alive at least for another generation.
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