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Re: 2007/07/12 - Boston, MA - Tweeter Center

“’n I’ll keep singing - because I feel something”
Messed around a bit
46&2 (gong hit)
Schism (gong hit)
Rosetta Stoned
Broke out some new jam, played it for a few minutes
Pushit – rode it like a bitch
Is that 3rd eye……? No way
Flood! Full album version

In the end Pushit pwnd Flood, Danny threw a sick extended roll into the intro of Flood, pretty funny

Intermission, Maynard and Danny wandered off, peoples minds seemed sufficiently blown at this point.

Wings 1&2
Lateralus – Best ever? Coady Willis was the luckiest man in the house last night …. Including whoever Maynard took home. You could tell the guy cherished the moment, an awesome display of musicianship. He was given a full kit to play and he exchanged chops with DC, back and forth, so sweet, Justin knelt in apparent worship while sipping a frosty beverage. Total class by Tool, bringing a player up like that and jamming.

“Be safe on your way home tonight, I know a lot of you have been drinking, … try to resist the urge to fuck a relative….”

Among many highlights Rosetta Stoned may have been the clincher for me. I think DC morphed into an alien at one point, at least it looked that way in the lighting, it was almost disturbing…. I’ll explain more tomorrow, I’m hoping this part of the show remains the same tonight.

Insane show. Amazing really. Very glad I went. This was maybe my 12th show. Band came on at 8:55 and ended it at 10:55. I wouldn’t say they came on early…. Looked like they mayyyyy have contemplated one more tune at the end, Jones didn’t want to take his guitar off, but alas - no dice. Que Abba's 'Dancing Queen' and we're out....

Thank you Tool.
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