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Re: 2007/07/12 - Boston, MA - Tweeter Center


(-) ions intro
Useful Idiot intro
46 & 2
Mantra intro
Schism (extended)
Rosetta Stoned
Wings For Marie (Pt 1)
10,000 Days (Wings Pt 2)
Prison Sex tease intro
Lateralus (extended w/ drummer from Big Business)

This is my attempt at a VERY complete setlist which includes small segments of Tool segues they played for intros. This is my third Tool show and my dad's fourth show all I can say is: THANK YOU GOD FOR TOOL! This was probably the most fun concert I have ever been to. I went with my dad and we along with many people payed some extra money for premium parking (you get out of the show much faster). Before the show we sat in our car and blasted some Tool while watching the other fans tailgating and having fun. The concert pavillion was GREAT! They had all sorts of vendors selling different drinks, foods, and Tool merchandise. Big Business opened for Tool and I thought they were great. I really liked the vocalist and the drummer was amazing. We sat in section 4, row A, seat F18. Tool came out and opened with Jambi and the sound quality was great. There was 14,000 people in the pavillion and it was annoying because I sat in front of the aisle and there were LOADS of losers walking through while Tool was playing. Maynard felt disrespected by these buffoons so he called them "drunken bastards" later during the concert. The first bit of the show went by fast and Schism was great when they played double time. The band was playing great and I had never heard them play Rosetta Stoned better than at this concert. During this the two big crazy guys next to us almost got into a fight with security and me and my dad helped prevent that by calming everyone down. After Rosetta Stoned we were all confused because they played a long intro that sounded like a bunch of different songs (H., Eon Blue Apocalypse...). Then Tool busted out into Pushit, HOLY SH!T! I had never been more excited in my life and I was jumping up and down hugging my dad. Everyone probably thought I was crazy because I was dancing and singing and screaming and everything. Some A-hole security guard ruined the end of Pushit for me because I took out my cellphone and he thought I had a camera. He jumped up into my seat and tried to pull me out just as Maynard was singing the awesome climax of the song. I didn't let that happen and I refused to go so he told me off and left. Next they played another long intro and we were all guessing what was next, but we had no idea.... FLOOOD! We got Pushit and Flood! My life was complete at this point because I got to hear the grand trio of songs they switch between (Right in Two, Pushit, Flood). Flood was great because they played the entire thing and the crowd went wild. After Flood they did a little break then went into Wings for Marie (parts 1 and 2). I really enjoyed 10,000 Days (Wings part 2) and the climax of the song was beautiful. Before Lateralus, the band fooled us when Adam played that wierd stringy noise the play before Prison Sex. Funny one guys! Lateralus was awesome and they extended it with a drum duel between Danny and the talented drummer from Big Business. They closed an amazing Tool concert with Vicarious and then we all scuttled out. The show started a few minutes before 9pm and ended at 11pm. In summation, the show was incredible because the sound quality was great, the fans were nice, the band was happy, we had amazing seats, and they played Pushit AND Flood. I would now like to thank God for the band that is Tool. BEST SHOW EVER!
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