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Re: 2007/07/12 - Boston, MA - Tweeter Center

I am so glad I got to witness one of the best tool shows ever last night. That setlist was unreal - Pushit AND Flood?????? In the same show????? AMAZING.

I got to see them for the first time in Florida June 1st - and I posted a review of that show on here too, but it was a *MUCH* different experience, I even noted how I couldn't wait to go see them in my home state of Massachusetts, because MA. crowds are just so much more appreciative and respectful and get the best shows on anyone's tours...I think this show is proof of that. haha, Maynard HATED Florida - because the crowd was so disrespectful, and I was very irritated at the crowd around me, one asshole shined a laser pointer in maynard's face and he walked off the stage in disgust for like 10 minutes. but i digress...

They seemed really, reallly into what they were playing the whole night, and maybe bacause I am a singer/musician I have more compassion for them not always synching up and forgetting's hard enough to get through a gig at the local bar without making a mistake on decidedly less intricate songs then Tool I guess I embrace the mistakes they make as it proves them to be human, just like the rest of us, not just song playing robots. (although I have wished they would change up the setlist alot for people who do see them a few times on tour...and they did to some extent last night.)Again I digress... at the end of the show - it seemed like they stood out there on stage for an extra long time just basking in the after glow...Danny threw out not only his drumsticks, but the drum head things too - I WISH I was the one to catch that...but as opposed to my last show which I was very front, I was far back to the right this time, which actually was a pretty nice view of the laser show and all the lighting, a whole different perspective which I actually enjoyed. Thank god I got to move a few rows down away from this group of drunk girls right next to me that seemed to be there just to drink and giggle and talk and flirt with the annoying drunken guy in front of me, who insisted on trying to talk me while I kept trying to ignore him so maybe he could leave me the fuck alone to watch the show and be by myself in peace. Once I moved down though the people were much more into the music then just "being there" . The sound from where I was really wasn't too bad - I don't expect much from out door venues anyway but aside from some really low vocals I could hear ok... I wish I could hear Danny's drumming a little clearer too though.

I LOVED the visual effects during flood - it was just amazing the gush that came down to every beat...just unreal. And the drum solo in lateralus with the other fun to watch - they didn't do that when I saw them in FL - and watching them both was mesmerizing. Danny is the most amazing drummer I think I have ever seen. AND I think it's such a surreal feeling when EVERYONE has their lighter out during the break and you look around and the whole place is lit up...they just put on the best damn show. Maynard seemed in very good spirits and I recall him saying something along the lines of "look out for eachother on the way home...I know you're all drunk but you don't have to (fuck.....)" i can't remember the last part...but he gave a sincere thanks to the crowd which was nice.

SO, my second Tool show was the most amazing experience ever and I'm glad I made the trip up here to see them, in fact I think I would fly up here to see them any time they play in MA again - it's SUCH a better vibe. Probably the best show and setlist of the tour. Thank you Tool and thank you my Massachusetts people!!!
You have no idea how much better this crowd was comparatively.

p.s. I think it's great that they sell "girl" tool shirts now - even if they are wayyyy over priced at least I can look cute instead of looking like I'm wearing a night gown. Nice touch.

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