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Re: REVIEW THREAD: Rivers Edge Music Festival

To sum it up, my mind was once again blown by a performance by TOOL.

Made it to the Bishop Stage around 10 minutes into Sublime's set. Really glad we did because just as we got to our spot (about 40 feet back, left-center) it really started to fill in.

Anticipation was very high as we heard the echo'ing What I Got filter through the crowd. Not even 5 minutes after Sublime stopped, the band was on the stage and the crowd ready.

Did not have any expectation for the setlist but figured we'd be getting something similar to the winter tour when I heard the opening riff to Hooker. That song took hold of the crowd up front pretty much instantly. Energy was very high and I thought a pit was going to start but it was kept mostly in check. As far as I could tell, they nailed this song all the way. Maynard highly emphasized the "buy my new record" line and pointed a finger to the sky as if to indicate his continuing disdain but also (of course) slight pleasure in the way he does business with his creative output.

Jambi had a false start and Adam looked LIVID. I was close enough to see him give a mean death stare off stage to who I presume was his guitar-tech. Shaking his head and with Maynard giving a comedic "Let's try that again!" he started and from then on it was smooth sailing. Justin did start a few beats early and with a smile on his face, blatantly counted out the beats until his proper time to join in. Jambi's heavy metal middle got the pit going up front and I remember it being quite hectic throughout the end of that song in the crowd.

Stinkfist was next and they launched into it after Danny played a little remix of the sounds heard off the album. I enjoyed this as usually Adam starts Stinkfist so it was cool to hear a little variation. The moshers LOVED this track and it prompted a guy next to me to ditch his Canon DSLR and basically pass it off to me so he could join the pit. I promptly protected that thing and rocked with it on my back the rest of the set. I miss not getting the extension for this song but it still rocks regardless.

Pushit came next and I had a very awesome "wow I get to hear this one again, YES" moment. It was so on point, every transition and high moment capitalized by each respective member. Toward the end when Adam and Danny start to each just go nuts the crowd was just screaming in appreciation the entire time. Adam's "solo" in there is such a treat to hear/see him play live. Maynard absolutely nailed the another WAAAAAAAY at the end.

Reeeally wanted to hear the "new" sounds they were teasing before Schism last tour but they started right in on it. I've heard this one, obviously, every time I've seen them but I'll be damned if it didn't sound the best this time. The last whole minute Danny was playing with such force, I kind of wish he would have broken that glass snare with a monstrous hit and given us all the opportunity to shout "BOOMSHAKALAKA!" like in NBA Jam.

The Schism extension is pretty fucking fast. It will never get old hearing them basically show off for a minute. The crowd certainly went crazy for that part.

Transitioning directly to Forty Six & 2, I knew we were in for some kind of treat at the end of the set, more on that to come. This is a crowd favorite and I could hear the collective singing along the entire time to this one. The back screen is especially awesome on this song for the visual cues. During Danny's solo the giant sigil array spins and grows and shines so awesomely, it is such a powerful moment leading up to the epic ending. Crowd goes nuts at the end of this one, so much love.

Lateralus started up pretty quickly thereafter... huge highlight of the night for me every time I see them. This time they played straight through which I LOVED since I've only seen it straight through (with no drum-off) one other time. What really made it special though this time was the INCREDIBLE acrobatic/juggling skill of the random guy who showed up during the second verse. You can find some crappy youtube videos of it for reference but WOW, my eyes were just not even sure what I was watching.

The "break down" if you will of Lateralus is always so empowering and being out under the sky for my first time seeing TOOL outdoors, the weather perfect, the crowd loving it, it was magical. The gong hit, the Spiral OUT!, the visuals at the very end when they are just fucking around trying to end the song at the same time... *sigh* always a bitter-sweet moment when it finally does end.

The real treat of this show came next though with Parabola. My ears have never heard such sweet guitar sound. I've always given Adam a lot of credit for the Parabola riff but after hearing it live I don't think I gave it quite enough. His solo'd sections cut through the night like a sonic knife through butter. Maynard gave me total chills with his commitment to the "ALIIIIIIVE" line and the three others did the same through the middle segue. For not performing that song very much, my word, they were ON IT.

Having that kind of energy move through the crowd AFTER Lateralus was also a real treat as I am of course used to Aenema following and closing. Definitely gave thanks for my chance to be alive and breathing at the end of that one.

Aenema came and went in a blink for me. The crowd certainly knows this one as well. The final moments of them being on stage were filled with noise and praise. Justin and Adam met in center stage and shook hands as Danny reappeared from behind his kit and took a bow. He chucked a drum head out like a frisbee which landed a little bit behind me. Seeing him move around while standing... what a tank of a human he is at 50 years old.

As some people have mentioned, impromptu laser dance party post-TOOL show is a MUST going forward. The high spirits of everyone was like natural MDMA and it was super sweet to be able and dance around for a bit as the crowd filtered out.

Overall, this show is testing my assessment of which time has been the best for me because they really brought it in a good way for River's Edge. The whole night was perfect and I will never forget my first (and possibly only) general admission TOOL experience.
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