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Re: 10,000 Days and coincidental (or not?) numbers

Originally Posted by TheCryingCarrot
Some interesting things I noticed with numbers in 10,000 Days, probably not really interesting for some but anyway…

I don’t think any of this has been posted before but if it has feel free to flame me 

First of all there is the number 11 which as most of you know appears unusually often in the track times and is also the number of tracks on the album, also the song Jimmy refers to when Maynard was 11(?).

Ok, here we go.

Viginti Tres length is 5:02, which is 302 seconds, divide 302 by 11 and you get 27.45, which is almost exactly the number of years that would make up 10,000 days also (as most of you know again) the number of years since Judith Marie was paralysed (anyone been able to find the exact date?).

Also Judith passed away on 18 June 2003, the number of days from that date to the release date of 10,000 days (going with the Aussie one) is 1046. Turn that into seconds and you get 17 minutes and 26 seconds, almost the exact track length for Wings/10,000 Days.

I’d try and find more but I’m about to head out on a pub crawl and hopefully check some music stores around town along the way to see if anyone is selling 10,000 Days early.

Anyone else notice anything as well?

Good work. Haven't noticed anything else, but it sure is interesting.