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Re: Adventures in Acrylic Painting

I don't pay for commissioned/unfinished work, I'd have to see something before I'd know if I like it or not. Is that one 11x14 as well?

As for price I was thinking closer to $100 plus shipping might be possible for me, but I can't throw too much money away on art atm. I got a backlog of things I need to purchase for my guitar rig and home theater setups before I can throw more money at home decor.

The second one is nice, but I'm not a big fan of how the canvas texture comes forward so much, I like when the paint is thick and makes it's own texture. I bought some acrylic paints myself and construction paper but the things I was planning to paint might require more precision than I am willing to spend in effort atm. Basically I fucked up the initial pencil drawing that I was going to paint over and let the project stagnate a couple months.

I also had some sick drawings and paintings from highschool. My teacher bought me a portfolio for them but it appears someone stole it or it got left behind when moving. One of the paintings had glass beads that I made embedded into the acrylic.

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