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Re: 2006/11/08 - Leuven, BEL - Brabanthal

Originally Posted by zeegeit View Post
I agree with the comments made above (apart from the lame remark about spelling), but can't help being disappointed; It was a great show, wonderfull iights and visuals, but why oh why didn't they play Wings?
I can understand it takes a lot of work to put together a show like this, but they did play Wings in the US, so the visual and lighting programs should be ready available.

I paid another 40 euros to see almost the same show I did in Luxembourg and I expect to see the same in Brussels tomorrow. If I had known the shows would have the same set list, I might have put that money to better use. The lasers and better lightning added to the experience, but I will think twice before buying tickets for the summer shows.

Call me a whining bastard if you like (and someone probably will) but after paying this much money, I am entitled to an opinion. The ticket price is a day's wage for some people.
I completely feel the same: also went to Luxemburg, Werchter and Leuven, will go to Brussels tomorrow. A change of songs would do he band good. Although the show was killer, I couldn't help but wondering what these songs still mean to them after having played them the whole year in every concert. James Hetfield once said that the words just become sounds. I would hate to think that this is the case when Maynard belts out Stinkfist for the umpteenth time. And don't get me wrong: I love that song to death. In 2001-2, they changed the setlist quite a lot; I just don't get why they are not concidering that this time around. No disrespect, though...

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