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Re: 2006/11/08 - Leuven, BEL - Brabanthal

Originally Posted by tomadde View Post
BUT, this show was just amazing! The sound-quality was PERFECT (I've seen every band there is to see, in all possible venues in Belgium, and I have never had a clear, well balanced and not too loud - mix ever before in my life!). And that kinda made up for the crappy setlist. That, and the new visuals ofcourse, because they're worth mentioning too.
I totally agree!!
Even though this was the third Tool concert this year I visited (after Luxemburg and Amsterdam), this was by far the best.

The sound was absolutely perfect from where we were standing (just to the right of the sound technicians), and this combined with an almost flawless set (as usual), the great light show (including lasers ;-) ), the video screens...
It was something like being sucked into the Tool machine for 90 minutes and then being spit out back onto earth when it was finished...

So great concert, one of the best ever in my life, and absolutely worth going!