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Re: 2006/11/08 - Leuven, BEL - Brabanthal

The Pot
Forty Six & 2
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned

Maynard didn't say anything except 'hi' at the beginning and at the end 'Thank You for coming. We will see you the day after tomorrow in Brussels, and next summer, after the sex change has taken effect.' He wore an oxygen mask although smoking was forbidden at the venue. Oh well. The lack of interaction bothered me somewhat, and led me to fear that at least Maynard was on autopilot for this one. But in spite of his impersonal attitude, he sang as good as ever. Justin was giving it is all the whole time; grooving, hair flying all over the place, molesting that bass. Danny was excellent as allways, and Adam, well, was Adam. Knowing the setlist in advance was a total bummer, especially when it's been the same for so long, but after I got my head around that, I thouroughly enjoyed the experience. Lots of soundscapes inbetween songs (I swore at one time it almost sounded like Depeche Mode), with the Merkaba-isch lead-in to Sober standing out. The 2006 upgrade of Sober rules all, and Lateralus is a pure classic. Next up: Brussels.

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