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Re: 2006/09/08 - Los Angeles, CA - Staples Center

finally i can post. 9th and 10th shows for me.

well, thursday night was the show to be at, i was and seeing wings for the first time was like being in a huge cavern full of expectant electicity. when he walked off i knew it wasnt for any negative reason, and coming back to sing the line "spewing sympathy, spare me." so full of emotion, i was changed. I was fully blown away, sitting in 108 had great view and sound, i was in fucking heaven the whole time, didnt really feel maynard being ill at all and it seemed that i was watching a different tool from at coachella, a looser more comfortable band that really could take chances and also potentially fall from that height. few falls, many amazing moments. thursdays show was the best show ive seen, beating out lollapalooza in toronto 98, and the wiltern (both nights) in 2000 and something. jambi is chicolote live, and Right in Two surpassed anything ive ever seen from a band, simply the cream of the crop, the bees knees and all the others combined. The heavy part at the end "over grave, over ground...etc" was like a revelation live. truly one of the best nights of my life.

friday was no slouch. adam killed every song.

he missed the harmony at "jambi i i i i i i i, jambi i i i i i i i " but the next vocal line he sounded so pissed and gave it so hard that i think that the AZ show suffered because of how amazin he sang that part, "damn my eyes, if they should..."
when danny added in the double bass kicks at the end of 46&2 my heart stopped. he is a god, really... i sorely missed right in two, but seeing wings performed that much better and that much more focused was worth it. lateralus was great both nights, but i loved seeing it as a closer friday, leaving the sorta cheese ball'ish stage setup right till the end, i felt flattered.

From all the way down to the sacral bone....thank you adam, danny, maynard and justin, oh and by the way, justin is retarded, sick, fucking monsterous.