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Re: 2006/09/08 - Los Angeles, CA - Staples Center

Originally Posted by CrownOfNegativity View Post
haha who here still thinks that maynard was joking or being an asshole when he told us that he was sick? supposedly they played a mediocre show (well, only maynard since he couldn't sing really) at the Woodlands and have now cancelled the San Antonio show.
Were you talking about my post? Sick or not sick was not in question. It was the reasons he was giving. If you know why you are feeling a certain way, say it. Otherwise, shut up and make your peace some other way.

If we feel like paying for bullshit, there are plenty of places we can go. After hanging out with some really cool people, a Tool show where everyone paid a lot of money to be with each other should not be one of them.

As far as more observations and feelings from that night, it sounds like people were tired. The band probably was. I know I was. So was my buddy from the night before.

Something happened on Thursday night. Between that and the exhaustion, I think that's where the answer is.

I witnessed how much the band cares about Maynard. This is just speculation but, not only is Tool Adam's project but I can see where Maynard is Adam's (and Danny's) project of love. They obviously care deeply for him.

Granted, I am not a Tool fan like people I know or some on this forum. And, I don't have the close history with the band as others my age. What I do know is Maynard's lyrics do not jive with the words coming out of his mouth when speaking to those who pay to see the band. To me, that is called duality.

Please point me to anything that may help with my ignorance if I am off the mark. It is appreciated greatly.