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Re: This is going to bore the shit out of you. And it's probably wrong.

Have you guys ever thought about what if all of Tool's videos are meant to be seen back to back and all telling the story of the same 'person/creature'?

Think about it:

Prison sex-young being abused & stains itself

Sober-disturbed being looking for peace in empty vessels

Stinkfist-He's had enough, needs more, puts a part of HIMSELF in the empty vessel, then mutates to something with more 'human-like' skin

Aenema- 'God' steps in & kick starts evolution through water (a basic element of life)

Schism-The 'man' seems stuck still. Yet the woman isn't (same as in stinkfist) and she helps him beat the 'creatures of silence' that come from inside them to hinder communication. Then they become one together.

Parabol/Parabola- A summary of everything. A sort of trinity gets a tool that sets in motion the pendulum of reality. The man tries to stop it yet they float & get together again. The 3 'gods' were interested in the fruit they created, the man is interested in the source of the fruit; the Tree. Then when he sees the power in the leaf (that which came FROM source he finallly sees the light and evolves into the flow of Collective Consciousness.
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