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Re: 2007/08/23 - Manchester, UK - The Apollo

I didn't know Justin was from Manchester?? he certainly doesn't sound like it when you hear him speak!!

anyway, glad everyone else enjoyed it. I was actually glad they didn't play Wings as I saw it a few times in November and when I had a look at some of the other set lists it seemed to be Wings OR Aenema and Flood and I was definitely happy to hear the second two.

I am still buzzing from the gig, it's really weird. I just thought it was really fucking speical and although they're always great live this one just shone out as being the best. oh and I forgot about Maynard during the start of Rosetta Stoned, lol.

I hope we really will 'see them soon' although to be fair, we've had our fair share of Tool shows in the last 14 months, can't really complain. we can always hope though!