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Re: 2007/08/23 - Manchester, UK - The Apollo

My second Tool show. I travelled from Finland just to see them.

Last year in Turku Festival was amazing but I felt that I needed to see Tool in more intimate situation than in a festival and also hear their full set. I was really hoping to hear Wings For Marie live and I thought the best chance would be an UK show as it's kinda their other home country and they would want to give their best. For some odd reason the set in Manchester was quite short and they didn't play Wings which, to be honest, left me a bit disappointed. Extented Lateralus was cool tough.

46&2 was the highlight for me, probably cos I didn't expect anything from it. I really enjoyed watching how Adam focused on those only few notes that he has to play. Rosetta was also cool. It's weird that Maynard has chosen a kind of humorous angle to his lyrics as for the other members the song seems to be quite important. Danny and Justing shone during their jamming part before the climax. Maynard sang the lines "got me yelping 'holy fucking shit'" and "I hope uncle parker didn't notice that I pissed my fucking pants" with a hilarious Mickey Mouse voice. Also in Lateralus after Danny's drum solo Maynard gave Danny a grade 9.7 for his performance by showing numbers that were written on pieces of paper. Other than that Maynard seemed a bit tired (started dancing during Adam's solo in Jambi but then suddenly stopped) and only spoke the few necassary lines (hello, thanks, see you soon yadda yadda).

Altough I didn't get Wings, seeing Tool in their own show with full stage lights was an amazing experience. And by the way, you guys in UK have a great concert culture. I wish there were venues like Apollo theatre in Finland. Excluding the few idiots to me 95% of the audience seemed like very warm-hearted and musically aware people.
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