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Re: 2007/07/03 - Detroit, MI - DTE Amphitheater

No one compares to Tool! I absolutely LOVE seeing Tool perform live and this tour was no exception. Since I couldn't get tickets to the Fox Theatre or the Palace last year, this was my one and only show from the 10,000 Days tour. Had great seats though -- Center Section, Row S -- sat straight back from Maynard, dead center in the pavilion. (Not as close as the lucky ducks in Row DDD though!) Seeing this show did make me wish I could travel and see them play again at other venues!

I was very happy to be able to SEE Maynard this tour. He also had more clothes on than I had ever seen him wear performing live before. He came out wearing jeans, a belt with a huge buckle, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, sunglasses and a bright orange hoodie with PUSCIFER written across the front. It didn't take long to lose the hoodie and cowboy hat, but he kept his plain T-shirt on all night. Loved the crowd's roar when he exposed his mohawk from under the hat! I can't think of any other person in the world who wears it better!

Personally, I think Jambi was a great opener, especially with all the orange flames in the background. I really liked their stage setup this time with four large video screens, one behind each band member. And later when the huge colorful 10K backdrop above them was exposed, simply awesome. However, I do agree that sometimes it was hard to hear Maynard's voice -- not sure if the music was just overpowering his vocals but his mic and voice box could be projected louder. Although, I thoroughly enjoyed watching him ramble on into his voice box, particularly on Rosetta Stoned! Very ingenious with that contraption strapped on him!

Lateralus totally fuckin' rocked and I'm thankful for getting the extended versions of Stinkfist and Schism. Flood was a special treat, but I thought Wings for Marie & 10,000 Days were a bit slow for our crowd. If it weren't for the totally awesome laser and light show, those songs would've dragged too much. I was a bit disappointed not getting The Pot. And Aenima would've totally rocked after Vicarious! But I'm eternally grateful that they didn't stop playing right at 11:00, knowing they might've gotten fined. Too bad they didn't start earlier and come out at 9:00, maybe they could've played even a few more songs. We all have our favorites and wish they'd play this or wish they'd play that. Obviously, they got their setlist down to a T and choose to stick with it every night! As long as they keep producing all that powerful music, so be it!

Tool is by far the best band on Earth! Maynard sings like no other, and he knows how to entertain! Danny is the absolute best fuckin' drummer alive -- bar none. Adam is quite the artist, both on and off the stage (can't wait for some new videos!). And Justin always gets down while playing. A foursome like no other, purely phenomenal experiencing them live. Can't wait to see them again, even if it takes another five years! Long live Tool...
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