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Re: 2007/07/03 - Detroit, MI - DTE Amphitheater

4ht Tool show, 3rd this tour. Great show, great set, they sounded tight, could have been louder, but hey, I was half-way up the hill. If I hadn't already seen them up close at the Fox, the hill woulda sucked, but it was cool anyway. Crowd not as rowdy as I expected and way too many stupid drunk lost assholes, I seen the same guy on the phone saying "where are you?..." thru 2 or 3 songs. Danny's drum solo was sick. Cool upbeat beginning to Lateralus, couldn't here MJK's voice box on Rosetta Stoned, but it still kicked ass. FLOOD!!! this gave me shivers, so cool to see live, I was hoping we would have gotten Aenima to end it (as at the Fox and Palace shows), but the Flood intro seemed pretty stretched out (hell, they coulda squeezed in The Pot and Prison Sex).
Ya know, it's hard to pinpoint a highlight, they start out cranking with Jambi and it never really lets up. The lasers were nice, but not as awesome as some have described, what is this your first concert?
...and I'd trade it all, for just a little, peace of mind....

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