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Re: 2007/07/01 - Youngstown, OH

Musically, I am a product of the 60s and 70s - with a few exceptions, especially Tool. So, until 7/1/07, it pained me to say that the closest I had ever been to attending a rock concert, was Trans-Siberian Orchestra twice. So ever since I became immersed in Tool's amazing world during the summer of '04, I knew that it was the band that I had to see live.

...boy, I have never been more right about any feeling. Having just missed them in Cleveland in September, I was craving a live Tool fix. Luckily, I would only have to wait nine months...

Tomorrow, I will post four videos that I took.


- Jambi was a great set opener. Playing against a backdrop of flames and red-orange spirals, Tool was ready to rock the Chevrolet Centre. This is the first video that I will post. (Adam was sporting a mechanic's shirt and braids. MJK was rockin' the bright orange hoodie through the first song or so, and a mohawk and t-shirt afterwards. Danny was ballin' in the Clippers jersey, and Justin was in a t-shirt and jeans and long, curly hair.
- The crowd's dismal response to the "O-hi-o" chant made me pissed, because I'm a Cleveland fan, and we didn't beat out Cincy's response.)
- Stinkfist is one of my favorite 2L songs, and it was played in front of the music video. This is the second video that I will post.
- Forty Six & 2 is my favorite 2L song, but I forget everything about the performance.
- The Pot was sweet in front of the "nukes" and prison camp clips; i believe that it was #4 on Chet Zar's DVD. Then, there was a head made up of squirmy wormies.
- Schism (extended) had huge bass, and sounded amazing. Played against the music video. The drum solo was sweet, and I enjoyed seeing MJK on the keyboard.
- Lost Keys (short verison with no vocals)
- Rosetta Stoned - something hanging off of MJK's shoulder.
- Keyboard Interlude - performed by Adam and MJK. Justin was in the spotlight.
- Flood lived up to the expectations. I agree that the arena looked like it was being flooded; amazing effect! At this point, I remember thinking, “The concert has been so amazing, that I have become numb to how well they’re playing. But that just means, they’re building up to something huge” - and I was right…
Smoke and fog poured from the stage. The UFO-shaped lights rotated up, and towards the crowd. The green "10,000 Days Triple-Face" shone from the screen. During the bass feedback, at least half of the audience raised their lighters to the sky. Adam, MJK, and Justin waited by the drum set while tech crew members in white lab coats setup the small drum set.
- Wings For Marie and 10,000 days - blue lasers shot through the small centre. Blue asterisk-like objects shone on the screen. One "UFO" each shone on Justin, who was sitting down, Adam, and MJK. The multicolored, faces from "10k Days" faded in and out. This is the third video I will post. (Sorry that the annoying kid next to me kept saying "This is Wings For Marie.")
- Lateralus (drum jam with Coady from Big Business) rocked, especially due to the drum jam. The "flaming eye" from that album shone, along with green lasers. This is the fourth video I will post.
- MJK's "Cavs" quote made me disappointed about being a Cleveland fan for the 2nd time that night.
- Vicarious was an awesome set-closer, with green lasers and "10k Days" faces.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will post the four videos to an external site.

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