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Re: 2007/07/03 - Detroit, MI - DTE Amphitheater

First Show for me, and it was pretty g.d. sick. I have had a hard time getting anyone to come with me to other shows over the last 10 years (all my friends are classic rock-only terds) but this time I got 3 guys to come with me. Its the best $50 bucks on a show I have spent in a long time. Totally impressed.

A few random tidbits:

We got there super early and basically coulda parked right by the west plaza gates. I saw zero pissers anywhere in the parking lot so we drove over and parked by some woods in the back corner of the front lot. Woods are huge when you drink 2+ cases between 4 dudes before a show. It's fairly odd watching girls squat in the woods in every direction. I told a few of em, "sorry ladies, coming past, watch for poison ivy on your hoo-hoo." It gave me a refresher in why I apprecaite being a guy.

Fxck Security. Those guys really made it take forever to get into the show. I am surprised I didn't have to strip down, spread 'em, and cough. There were overly-thorough. I stashed 7 fat dank spliffs inside a bag that I put in the side of my sock, and the guy felt something there so he shook my pantleg twice to try to get something to fall out! I thought "well I'm fxcked" and somehow after the second time he went to my other pantleg and then let me in. He never actually checked my sock so I was happy. I was sweating bullets. I have no idea how people got cameras or recording devices in there unless they stashed em in there colon and waddled in like a penguin.

101.1 WRIF said on the radio the next day that the reason there was such a huge delay in between Big Business (who blows) and Tool was because security was so bad it was taking well over an hour to get in the show. They said they turned all women with purses away, and would make them come back. We walked in during Big Business' first song and it took us about 15 minutes since a ton of people were still partying hard in the parking lot.

Additionally, DTE has a time limit that no band can play after 11pm or else the get a stiff fine. I thought it was mighty cool of them to keep jamming until about 11:20 since they started kinda late, and that they were willing to be fined.

Highlights for me were Jambi, Stinkfist, and Lateralis. Jambi is just a fantastic song to open to, Stinkfist is one of my personal favs, and Lateralis, well is on another level. Danny shreded it. Laser show was sick. Someone else posted that the show was pink floyd-esque in a vegas way, and I couldn't agree more. I honestly think that these guys are in many ways similar to what floyd was doing in the 70's, from pushing music to new levels to what they do in the live shows. This show really made me think that these guys are so fucking talented and I savored every second.

I was on the front part of the lawn, right next to the pit. There was some 5' nothing punk in a wifebeater that would race down the slope of the hill and smash into some unsuspecting moshers, and then bail before he could be slammed. After he did it a few times, I timed him perfectly so that when he started his run, after 2 or 3 steps, I took his ass out. He had no clue I was coming and I buried him. I don't mind the pit, but am not huge into pitting myself, but I think that if you are going to get in it, don't try to blindside people and hurt them, which is what it appeared was his intention. If you get hurt in the middle, so be it, but not by some punk running downhill 20 feet and double-forearming people that have no clue he is coming. He got what he deserved. End rant.

Big business sucked. The lead singer just screamed randomly, the sound mix for them was poop, but I will say the drummer laid down some pretty sick beats. Props to him, he needs to find a new band.

Getting out was miserable. I passed out in the car for an hour before I even decided to try to move. It still took me another 40 minutes to get out after that. The ride home blew. I hate driving because everyone else gets to pass out while the drivers some sick amount of miles with no one to talk to. I cranked up some some Rage and rolled off into the night....