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Re: 2007/07/01 - Youngstown, OH

My second time seeing Tool. Saw them in Cincy 2 days before. The post is late as I went on vacation right after the show to Chicago. The only comment that is missing as far as I can tell was when Maynard did the O Hi O chant--at the end he said "How fucking embarassing" I like "The Pot" and Love "Flood" but "Right in Two" was so dammmmn good live in Cincy. Maynard was in much better spirits tonight. They all looked like they were having a blast as did the crowd singing along to most of the songs. I was in Section 214 row N seat 10. Excellent seats as this was a small venue and you could see everything from our seats. Loved the visuals on the stage as well as the screens. I waited 5 years for this chance and I dont regret it at all. My wife took like 35 vids at 30 seconds apiece on her phone. As soon as i review them I will upload as many as I can for those who were there to remember and those who weren't will get a glimpse at just how great this band is. Thank you Tool for the best concert I have seen in over 15 years. Peace Out.