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Re: 2007/07/03 - Detroit, MI - DTE Amphitheater

flew out from los angeles to see the show (and a good friend). It was definetely worth it cuz I got FRONT ROW TIX from my tool army presale order!!!! and I GOT THE SETLIST by showing the guy my id (was telling him how I flew all the way from cali to see the show).

I'm pretty much still in shock and on cloud nine. one of the best shows I've seen on this tour, which is my 10th or 11th show so far. being right there watching danny play drums was incredible. although being that close made it hard to hear maynard's voice. actually couldn't hear it at all. but didn't matter, I was front row for christ's sake!!!!

oh, and you're welcome veikley. glad my other seats were good. thanks for takin' em f/me