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Re: 2007/07/03 - Detroit, MI - DTE Amphitheater

btw: 'nard changed a few lyrics ... has he done this @ the other recent shows?

#1 - Maynard changed the lyrics to Rosetta Stoned. Instead of "the time DAVE floated away" ... he said, "the time TOM floated away." Who is this TOM?

#2 - During Wings part 2, he sung "I've BEEN home now" ... instead of. "I've COME home now." (maybe it's because he played a show in his home state, Ohio, two days prior... who knows?)

#3 - Anyone who said he was more animated at the Palace needs to get their brains checked. This show blew the last 2 Michigan shows out of the water ... and those shows ruled.

I thought Maynard was wearing a dress at the end. It cracked me up!!( It reminded me of Aenima Maynard. Later I found out it was a Pistons jersey that was waaay too big for his short stature. That was great.

Killer sound
Awesome good vibes from the crowd, band, everyone.
Awesome visuals
Maynard still seems to be triple-jointed, and he must have sold his soul to still be sounding better than anyone in music today (he's like 40something, right?)
Best concert of my life... and it was my 7th Tool show.

Cheers. I'll probably post more later as this was the best few hours of my life thus far...
Feel pain and prosper...

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