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Re: 2007/07/03 - Detroit, MI - DTE Amphitheater

This was my first Tool show, and I have to say I was absolutely blown away.

Seats: LTC - PP - 20-25

It was great because I came with five friends and it was an absolutely amazing time.
The three hour trip from Northeast Indiana was fun too. (We had already bought our tickets for Detroit before they even announced the Ft. Wayne show.) but now I am really glad I saw them in Detroit instead of Ft. Wayne. Absolutely amazing.

From what I read of reviews of other concerts, Maynard was absolutely energetic tonight. Constantly dancing around, stomping his foot, waving his cowboy hat and just having a blast. It was great to see. Adam was his usual introverted self, and Danny and Justin just rocked out. Oh my God, Danny Carey live in person, holy shit! He was absolutely on his game tonight. Completely amazing.

The entire show was great but things really picked up once the Flood hit. Maybe it was also that all of the second-hand marijuana smoke was taking effect, but whatever it was I was in another place from there on out. Flood was right behind Lateralus for best songs of the show. Strange, because you don't think of Flood as being that kind of song, but it really is. The lasers were amazing, yes, and Wings / 10K was great. but Lateralus, wow, you just have to be there, because words can't do it justice.

Only complaints:

1) Overpowering Guitar covered up the vocals pretty bad in some places. Sometimes when I wanted to hear Maynard better I would cover my ears because it would cancel out the distortion and make him more audible.

2) Vicarious closer, yes, good song, but really Lateralus should end the show. Seemed anti-climactic (just like Viginti Tres is on the album).

Overall, great show, great crowd, most everyone was very respectful (at least under the pavillion) and you could tell that the band was having fun.

Last comment: To the guy in LTC Row QQ Seat 22, I'm sorry man. This poor guy and his friends showed up pretty drunk and then got stoned, and something didn't mix for this guy. Half-way through the show he threw up and ended up passing out, I think he missed the entire second (better) half of the show. He was a real nice guy, and was incredibly excited to see Tool for the first time and ended up having a terrible time. Really sucks.

Amazing, amazing show.
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