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Re: 2007/07/03 - Detroit, MI - DTE Amphitheater

Originally Posted by tomisatool View Post
No one wants to have to do this, but my complaints are ALL fan related.

First: To the stupid bitch is ROW G seat 17 (yes directly to my left) who decided to ruin this concert for me. FUCK YOU! I wanted to put a whole clip into your fuckin head. This dumb bitch came so drunk that she was almost unconscious until the second before Jambi started. THE SECOND it did, she leaned over and threw up all over the floor. FUCK YOU! I swear to god if I had a gun you would be fucking dead. You ruined 10,000 Days for me, because the stench of your beer throw up made me feel sick, so I had to sit down. God dammit, I swear to god I would kill you in a heartbeat.

Second: To the idiot behind me (who's ass I should have, and could have easily kicked) who continuously yelled during the bands short jams THIS SONG SUCKS, PLAY A NEW ONE. He was also the guy screaming during Wings and 10K.

I was in F seat 20 and I was gonna also kill them. jackasses.

Awesome show. As usual. My 13th and I won't repeat what everyone else already said.

Maynard's Piston's jersey did say "Keenan" on the back. Danny's said "Carey".

Thought Danny's ice pack on his right arm at the break was going to lower the drum solo -- boy was I wrong. Wonder who caught the ice pack when he threw it in the crowd?

I think Aenima is the best closer but can't complain abt Vicarious cuz it fuckin rocked.

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