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Re: 2007/07/03 - Detroit, MI - DTE Amphitheater

I had a great seat, about halfway up the pavilion on the aisle. Awesome performance. It goes to show the level of knowledge of the fans that a band can play so many "slow" songs in a row and nobody checks out. Everyone was still into the vibe of the show. I've been to many concerts where a band will play 2 or 3 "slower" songs in a row, and by the end people have left for food or bathroom, are chatty, are yelling out the names of "hits," or are just restless. None of that last night. One thing I missed, I think Maynard said the Piston jerseys were gifts, but I didn't catch who from. Anyone hear what he said? I was shocked to see Danny wearing his, the last time he got "booed" when he took the stage in a Laker's jersey. His solo was incredible. Great night, and I only wish I could have made it happen to see them in GR at Van Andel. Ahh well, the memories will last until the next time I see them.