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Re: 2007/07/01 - Youngstown, OH

Thanks to the above post for jogging my memory on such an awesome night! I saw the first leg of the show at the Peterson Center in Pittsburgh. The Peterson is concrete hellhole, but I could tell these guys are all world-class players! Extremely physical! The Pittsburgh show was my first Tool show. We had good seats on Justinís side. He is the Jimi Hendrix of bass! This time I got to see how blessed Adam Jones is. I am a huge Robert Fripp fan here, now Jones is a second for me! Wow! Jambi, my favorite song of 2007,what amazing timing! Have been going to concerts for over 30 years, this is my fav, with Crimson in Detroit in 2004 a close second! I never thought I would live to see the day when I would admit this. The closing visual on Lateralus, and Vicarious, left me in total awe, magical timing on these and Schism too! If there had been any more flashes, I would have shoved the camera up someoneís sphincter! Sat in section 101. What a true team, Maynard in the background, each looking at each other's solo's, even Carey let this drummer (while talented) steal his solo. I asked a security guard as he pushed me back to my seat what his favorite team was? He said the Pittsburgh Steelers. I said the Steelers are my second, pointing to the stage, they are my first! Word can't describe this Tool show. I love how they have grown. One of the very best times of my life.