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Re: 2007/07/01 - Youngstown, OH

Originally Posted by WVmetal View Post
*What did Maynard say before Jambi?
It was something that dealt with Cincinnati being louder.
He was saying that Cincinnati didn't get what he was saying:

"Round on the ends, high in the middle"

Which we're supposed to say,
"Oh, Hi, Ohio"

At least that's how I responded (maybe just shouting "Ohio"), I don't think anyone got it though either. Last year he made the same comment (not about cincinnati, about ohio)

Damn! does maynard have some leg and abdomen strength! During Jambi and some other times he was making a complete L shape bending at the knees, rocking in that position. sexy. his funny dancing during rosetta stoned was pretty entertaining too.

and that drum jam had to be at least 10 minutes long, f*ing sweet! justin was playing the bass line the entire time too! I sat in section 214, to the right of justin, a little high up. it was perfect seat though. I think the visuals were 10 times better than what they had last year.

i totally wasn't expecting Flood either, that was so kickass. from where i was sitting, everyone sat down for that though, kinda disappointing that not many people still listen to the old stuff. keep playing it though!

this was my 4th time seeing tool, and was definitely the best time. 12 out of 10 performance, (though the last time maynard was getting over a cold).

i saw they were selling "disturbing the normal" at the stand, the chet zar artwork stuff, did anyone pick that up? i'm thinking about getting it from his website. next paycheck perhaps.

the last few times they played in northern ohio, they didn't seem that in to the performances, but this time they were having a blast. it was great to see danny and adam smiling after maynard walked off stage. i'm assuming justin was too. it makes the show _that_ much better when it's obvious they're enjoying it as well.

everyone's performance was totally top notch. holy crap, i want to go again. right before the show ended, maynard said something about being back soon.

also, i don't know how much anyone noticed, but earlier in the show, between songs, adam started playing something that was slow for tool melody (and of course on some off-beat)....perhaps new songs? as soon as he started i was completely intrigued. damnit, now i've got myself excited - wish i could remember how it went...
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