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Re: 2007/07/01 - Youngstown, OH

Stinkfist (no extra parts)
Forty Six & 2
The Pot
Schism (extended)
Lost Keys (short verison with no vocals)
Rosetta Stoned
Flood (!)
Wings For Marie
10,000 days
Lateralus (drum jam with Coady from Big Business)

Section 201 Row K Seat 6 but due to some empty seats dead center in the back I jumped on the chance to get a great view of the stage and all the updated lighting visuals just sightly changed from last yrs first leg of the 10,000 days tour. This is my 6th time seeing the band. The venue itself was very small so really not one seat was bad, one great thing was that the floor were seated seats so there was no moshing. Security was tight outside but once inside everything was alright. Big Business was a great selection for a opening band which leads me to ask, can anyone tell me who the 3rd guy with them was on stage? Im sure you'll read a grand number of post about the show so I'll just close by saying overall it was a great performace and never let the fans down. Thanks

*What did Maynard say before Jambi?
It was something that dealt with Cincinnati being louder.

*update* Thanks in the post below for letting me know O-hi-O

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