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Re: 2007/06/19 - Cedar Rapids, IA - US Cellular Center

It rocked.
(btw, i too, had a TOM sticker...Why for? i haven't a clue...maybe that's the point?)
Myself, nick, maranda, kevin box, and mark where first in line,and first in the door. Waited from 12noon until 630pm and were front and center. I fucking LOVED melt banana, it blew my mind with all the sounds and energies coming from them...after melt banana, and after getting shoved EVERYWHERE i left the center 'mosh' and decided to take a stand on the upper balcony to get a great overall view of the concert.
tool kicked ass.
i swear i had an obe that danny carey was guiding... the energy danny was giving off was crazy...
not bad for a first experience.
LOVED 46&2, rosetta stoned and lateralus especially.
I still maintain that Cedar Rapids is my least favorite town out of all the towns i've ever been to, anywhere.
I plan on buying the Disturb the Normal dvd by chet zar this tuesday...
If anyone wants to msg me about the show...


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