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Re: 2007/06/20 - Peoria, IL - Peoria Civic Center

A day late and a dollar short, Well 4 days late.
So I witnessed the peoria show against one of the highest walls, it was a nice eagle eye of the whole event. I was not sure about what the thowing of things on stage was and all that jazz, but to be honest I could have given two flying figs less. I just sat back and absorbed the sound. I let the sound distract me, not the fans. Oh yes, I heard some bitchin, and some moaning there, but they clearly won because I am hearing some bitchin and moaning in here. I found it interesting that War was the choice of card games, it was very conducive to the overall atmospher-fast paced, aggressive, but over very quickly. But back to the main thing at hand, the experience. It was good. Both bands brought to the table what they could that night. They worked with their mediums and the environment as much as they possibly could. So thankyou Bannnannananann Melters for display of passion. Thankyou Boys for putting on a show, because at the end of the day that is all it is. And thank you boys for going out there night after night and playing the same damn songs for months on end. To reproduce the same piece of art over and over again is daunting and also cumbersome with past events- that takes a certain kind of Will. Sincere Graditude for your display of life struggles and victories put into sound is out there. Hats off for playing a game that can only be won when you walk away. Thanks for the show :)