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Re: 2007/06/20 - Peoria, IL - Peoria Civic Center

just to bring this to attention for the record, Maynard did not have his back to the us the Whole time. Most, yes, he seemed to really get back into it for Lateralus and Vicarious. Those two songs seemed to get him back into the mood, and he seemed to really enjoy doing those two songs a lot.

Also, when one of the performers turns their back to the crowd, it does not automatically mean discontent. Sometimes it means, this is a part where you should look somewhere else - like to Danny cuz he's awesome at what he does even though he does have to ice his arm. Or, I need to consentrate on this part so I'll turn around. or, what's going on back here? haha... i like that one. People take that gesture as disrespect way too much and often, when most of the time - that's not the case. But, then again, Maynard did seem a little upset after the CD.

Take care, all.