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Re: 2007/06/20 - Peoria, IL - Peoria Civic Center

"I could see why you threw this up here, I mean look at it..." (tosses to floor then smashes with mic stand a minute later)

like its been said, thanks to CD asshat we got the back all night which is too bad: during Jambi and opening of Stinkfist Maynard was quite active(i liked the donkey kicks during Stinkfist.)

anyways, the boys played well, wasn't the worst sounding show I've seen(the sound at the Orpheum in MPLS last year was worse) and the crowd sucked about 50% of the time on the floor. eventually the meatheads got together and had a pit stage right in front of Justin and let us in the middle center of the floor somewhat alone to groove.

I had high hopes for the crowd before the show as the floor was populated with quite a few girls/women so i thought the meatheads might take it easy. nope. oh, well.

Having never seen Right in Two live before I am happy that I got to see it: it is much more intense live and the visuals were great. (really hoping for a Flood in St. Paul next week now)
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