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Re: 2007/06/20 - Peoria, IL - Peoria Civic Center

First - Melt Banana - interesting music (kinda like SOAD meets Rage Against the Machine meets Poke-Mon), amazing energy. I enjoyed their set a lot.

Second - The Crowd - I will repeat what has already been said. The crowd sucked. I was down on the floor right up front to five rows back. The obnoxious idiots pushing, shoving, moshing (to Wings/10,000 Days, nonetheless - why...?) Were really friggin' annoying. One girl was getting crushed a lot and made me wrap my arms around her help her try and keep some distance - I didn't complain about that, but still it's unnecessary for crap like that to have to happen. DO NOT THROW CRAP ON THE STAGE - how much of an idiot do you have to be to NOT understand that???? As been said, a CD got thrown up there during the 1st chorus of Stinkfist and Maynard played around with it and mocked it during the second verse, thus it was unsung. But that's bad behavior on the part of whatever imbicile did that. One person is all it takes, and you can ruin it for thousands.

Only good thing from the crowd was when the lighters lit up the place. That was awesome. And the very end, it was really friggin' loud. Other than that, the crowd lacked energy for the band, but kept it to annoy each other.

Aside from that...


My "first concert" cherry and first "Live TOOL" cherry was popped at the same time with this show. I was blown away for nearly two hours. It was incredible. Yes, Maynard's mic was low a lot, but I heard him fine enough. And for those of you who keep saying the band was not into it at all for this show, you are wrong. Being where I was, I could see the smiles on all the members, even Maynard and Adam. Adam moved more at this show than he usually does (judging from vids from other shows). And he smiled, as I said. They all smiled a lot, and they really seemed to enjoy themselves with the exception of Maynard for the most part. And again, I don't blame him. I would've been upset as well.

JAMBI: AMAZING way to start it off. Maynard came out and ready to go with it. Talk Box solo - Awesome. One of my favs off the new record. Thank you, Tool.

STINKFIST: is where Maynard got taken out. He really seemed like he was going to enjoy himself for the show until that point. BUT, what made this one awesome after Not singing the second verse, he picked up his mic stand and smashed that CD. Don't try to "make it" into the music world like that. I would've done the exact same thing if I were him. THEN, it was the extended version. Thank you, Tool.

46&2: Yes, I knew it was coming, but it still blew me away. Thank you, Tool.

SCHISM: I knew it was also coming, but it also blew me away, especially the sped up bridge. Thank you, Tool.

LK/RS: WOW!!! After reading reviews of this one on this site and others about it being "a bore" live, I was not looking forward to it. BUT, after seeing/hearing it, I must say that you, who said that, are all wrong. This was intense the whole way through. Thank you, Tool.

break... haha... lighters. It was awesome.

Intension/ RIGHT IN TWO: I knew it came down to this, Pushit, or Flood. I would've taken any of them, but now I am really glad they played this one. Cuz now, I will never ever listen to this song the same way again. The album version - you don't realize just how heavy, loud, and intense this one gets. just... Holy Crap. It was awesome. Thank you, Tool.

WINGS/10,000 DAYS: Once again, the crowd disappointed me. Maynard asked politely for flash cameras to not be used... several times in fact. Even during the song, as the end of Pt 1. That's all he asked, and it was just for this ONE song throughout the WHOLE show. And why is that? Because it's the most personal, emotional song he has ever had to do, and to satisfy people like us, he does it almost night after night. I was really kinda worried he would walk off the stage cuz people still kept using friggin' cameras, with flash. AND, people moshed to it. For one, Tool isn't the "moshing" music. It's experience music, and I can understand it to Rosetta Stoned, Vicarious, maybe even Right In Two, But Wings/10,000 Days? WHY? It's annoying.

Anyway, aside from dum-dums: Wings/10,000 Days was absolutely amazing. This, just like RIT, is far more loud and emotional than on the album. Even though they are my favs off of the album, seeing them live made them that much better to me. This song multiple climaxes throughout made my night. They could've stopped and I would've been satisfied. BUT, I'm glad they didn't. Thank you, Tool.

LATERALUS: In general, was the best performance as far as being heavy, loud, intense and energetic all the way through. I thought my clothes were gonna fall right off my body because of this song. Only Tool can do music like this and do it right. Melt Banana came out with them and EVERYONE had a lot of fun and you could tell. And I kinda kept track, I think Maynard won War. It was a HUGE song. Thank you, Tool (and Melt Banana for coming out and jamming with them on this).

VICARIOUS: coming to the show, I figured this would be the closer. I wasn't too excited about it because I could not possibly see this as being a good closing song. I am so glad I'm wrong three times a year. This marks my second time of being wrong and it's only June. Vicarious was amazing and works great as a closer. I can't believe how awesome this one was. Thank you, Tool.

Melt Banana: A-

The Crowd: C

Music: A++++++
Sound: A
Visuals (lights, vids, backdrop, lazer show): A+++++
Tool (overall): A+++++++++++

Everything about the night was great. If I had to go through all the ignorance and stupidity of the crowd again for the experience again, I would with a smile on my face. It was amazing, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Thank you, Tool, for putting up with us and still bringing the best show to the table.

oh, and if that girl is someone on here, cool. She got taken over the gate by the gaurds around the Schism/Rosetta - somewhere in there. haha. she was cool.

Tool was awesome.

Thank you. This was just another responsive review.