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Maynard: Get Over It

I have to say first that I believe Tool to be geniuses. Especially Danny and Adam. I think there is a strong argument to be made that every member of the band is one of the best, if not THE best, at their specific trade. A bad Tool concert is still better than any other concert you will go to.

I was on the floor here and in Baltimore, and Baltimore was 10,000 times better than this debacle.

That being said, I think too often Maynard makes a habit of punishing the rest of the crowd for a few people being wastes of space and blood on this planet. It could be worse, Maynard. You could have a 9-5 job like the rest of us.

I wish the worst thing that happened to me every day was that someone threw a CD at my feet. Everyone should take a big step back and realize: Maynard let the mood go to shit tonite because somebody threw a CD on stage. ?

I truly thank God that Danny isn't set off on such a short fuse, because if he mailed it in like Maynard seems to do for little reason, the shows would be AWFUL.

I have seen TOOL live 7 times now, and one thing has been very clear to me each time: Danny carries that show each and every night. He puts the most in emotionally and Physically. He must burn 3000 calories during each set.

Again, I love TOOL, but I don't think the majority of us fans who get it, deserve to be the babies who are thrown out with the bath water every time some 15 year old pot head with Mommy and Daddy issues throws a CD, or beer, or whatever on stage.

I wish I could turn my back on everyone at work when some dipshit pissed me off.
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