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Re: 2007/06/20 - Peoria, IL - Peoria Civic Center

I had some of the best seats that you could ever have at a Tool show this time around since we were on the lower level to the left of the stage we could see every little note being played as well as everything visual perfectly. I'd have to say the highlights of the night were Jambi, Right In Two, Lateralus and Rosetta Stoned but the whole show was so amazing words can't even describe it. To the asshole who threw something on stage during Stinkfist I hope you go and fuck yourself for almost ruining that song and almost making Maynard leave he was really pissed thanks to you asshole. To the people who wouldn't listen to Maynard during Wings/10,000 days about the flash cameras you can go fuck yourselves too because that song is for his mother so show some fucking respect people. I know people in Chicago would never act like this to piss Maynard off so you Peoria people need to learn from the rest of us. All in all it was worth the 3 hour drive there and back and I can't wait for the Chicago and Milwaukee shows the next 2 weeks. FLOOR HERE I COME AND IF THEY DON'T PLAY THIRDEYE SOON I'M GOING TO FLIP!!!!!!!!!!!

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