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Re: 2007/06/20 - Peoria, IL - Peoria Civic Center

7th show. I am really, REALLY pissed at the stupid people on the floor who ruined the atmosphere for everyone else there..

Maynard was clearly upset with this crowd. Sang with his back to us almost the whole time. I don't blame him. Although there is no place I would rather be than a TOOL concert, it isn't as much fun if the guys on stage aren't into it.

I mean really.... How many times does he have to ask for there to be no flash photography during wings. He didn't sing the last verse because of that, and I seriously wonder if he contemplated not finishing the set list. You're in the presence of GREATNESS. If you want to drink, throw shit and be stupid, go somewhere else.

Tool rocks, no matter what...
But if Peoria wants another show from this band, they better straighten their dumb drunk asses up.

There were also these two real drunk guys that I won 10 bucks off of because they swore TOOL would play Eulogy. He didn't know I had went to see them the night before in Cedar Rapids. The dip shit told me he was there and they play Eulogy and H. Stupid people suck.

Maybe Shaumburg will be better. I can only hope.
I have pictures and videos (no, I didn't use a flash) (it's called respect)
I will post them tomorrow..

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