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Re: 2007/06/20 - Peoria, IL - Peoria Civic Center

Melt Banana wasn't very bad. I thought they were funny. It was like really fast Japanese punk. Nothing very special compared to Tool and I realized it must suck to open for Tool because no matter how good you are the fans wont give two shits who you are but on the bright side you would be touring with Tool.

It was a great show a LOT better than the Chicago one last fall in my oppinion. The only things that bothered me was that they had no encore and you couldn't hear Maynard worth shit. I thought the crowd was pretty respectful when Maynard asked for no flash but I assume someone must have because he made a point to repetavively ask for no flash again. Then during Stinkfist the fucker threw something on stage. I think it was a wallet and instead of singing the whole (I think) second verse he walks over picks it up and says. "It's mine now fucker." Or something along those lines either way he didn't seem happy. Kind of funny I took a freshman kid who isn't really too into Tool and I was dancing and singing along and freaking out and he just stood there the whole time.

Civic Center was great compared to Allstate the acoustics were great. (meaning Allstate was significantly worse) But I'm content I could see the stage and enjoy all the stage and show effects.