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Re: 2007/06/19 - Cedar Rapids, IA - US Cellular Center

after your comment AEnimaTOOLer i got to thinking, let everyone experience the show how they want to... there is alot of people who go to concerts to just experience the concert their way... I was at that concert along with the council bluffs one and people threw shit and made jackasses of themselves... but you'll eventually find a form of that everywhere. I found it relieving even though Maynard might not of said see you again, that Adam, and pissed as he was, went up after the show when everyone was cheering and gave "kisses" and encouraged everyone to be happy as much as the band was. I don't care where the moshers came from. they had a good time. possibly (probably) ruined others. but, just think about it this way, you got to see TOOL... LIVE.... and i can rest assured everyone had a moment in it. and that should make any concert worth while. especially TOOL if you give a shit. don't be sad, be happy, because no matter how people pushed you around/treated you, they will never take away from the fact that you got to see and experience the band you love live. the only people i feel have to say anything negative about a concert that they love(d) are people that were annoyed and unforgiving throughout the whole concert. that is my 2 cents.

Me personally... had a great time on the floor. I was thrown in the mosh pit when i didn't want to be. It did not matter. I was in a trance during FLOOD. and the rest of the show was good enough for me to tell everyone about how they missed out, regardless if they like tool or not.

all i want to get across for anyone, don't let the big or little things bother you from the actual point. You love tool, you enjoy seeing them live. and with those reasons, there is no way you should ever let anything else around you get you down from this moment. live it and enjoy it the best you can.