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Re: 2007/06/19 - Cedar Rapids, IA - US Cellular Center

First I would like to address all of those who are bitching and complaining about "Iowan's Moshing to TOOL". SHUT THE FUCK UP! Here's a thought, what type of music does TOOL play? Most would say rock. Generally, what do people do at rock concerts? They push each other around like fucking retards. Was everyone at the show HUGE, DEVOTED, DIE HARD, TOOL fans? NO! Most people at the floor (and at the show for that matter) have probably only heard TOOL on the radio so they dont quite "get it" like the rest of us. What the fuck do you expect on the floor? Would you like everyone just to stand shoulder to shoulder and enjoy the show? Thats ridiculous! Some people get into the music differently than others, maybe pushing people around is their way of "feeling" the music. I think its fucking retarded that people do it, but they do it at ALL SHOWS. It doesn't fucking matter if you are in Cedar Rapids or Madison. I saw someone from Madison complaining about Cedar Rapids people are pricks. Hate to break it to you buddy, but my first TOOL show was in Madison, I got trampled on the floor and no one gave a shit, must be pricks up there in Madison. Another person commented on how shocked they were at how many people were sitting down up in the seats. Wait a second, people were actually sitting, so that everyone around them could see, and fully enjoy and take in the show!? HOLY SHIT WHAT A CONCEPT! Talking with some of the people around me, most of them had been to as many, if not more shows than I had (4). This leads me to believe that the intelligent TOOL fans who want to enjoy the show and be able to take it in actually do so in the stands! I'm not sure where everyone gets the impression that "real TOOL fans are at the front on the floor!" What makes you any more of a fan than I? You couldn't see the stage, you couldnt see half of the lasers, you couldnt see ANY of the projections! If TOOL wants their fans to absorb the experience, why would their "true fans" be right up against the rails where they cant see shit? I suppose the true fans are up front against the rails proclaiming their love for Mr. Jones and his pigtails. Keep screaming, I'm sure he hears you.


As I said, my 4th show. BY FAR THE BEST! I have been waiting to hear FLOOD since the first time I heard it which was probably some 10 years ago. I thought Jambi was an excellent opener and it was amazing watching Maynard get into it and ride it out with his cowboy hat. Watching Maynard in the show as compared to other shows I have seen and reading his online stuff, I feel that TOOL may just be another one of his projects. In shows past, he looked as if he was getting INTO the music where as this show, it just seemed as if he knew everyone was watching him, so he was doing stuff that would make people laugh and come back home and write on here. I actually enjoyed their in between song jam, I say jam because it seemed like it was the same one being played over and over again. 46&2 was AMAZING. Danny can beat the shit out of his drums. Schism was appreciated as always. But like I said, FLOOD stole the show for me. The jam leading into it was sweet (it was a bit different from the others)...but Flood's into has always pulled me in and it just absolutely captivated me. If they hadn't played Flood, I would say that Wings took the show because Wings was absolutely AMAZING. The lasers were unbelievable. Couldn't hear Maynard very well but it was fantastic none the less. Lateralus was great too with the extended Melt Banana part. Vicarious was...good. But like I said before, the show as a whole, was the best I've seen.

oh ps. i have video of FLOOD and WINGS