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Re: 2007/06/19 - Cedar Rapids, IA - US Cellular Center

I got to the show about an hour early, got my tickets at will call, and walked in.

The floor smelled like shit, either people in Iowa do not shower, or they decided to roll in dog shit just before the show.

Some strange fellow was going around asking people to wear "Tom" name tags, I got one, but took it off a little later, it never really turned into any thing.

Melt banana played an interesting set, I was kinda let down by them as I really didn't know what to expect and what I got seemd like Japanese pop vocals over some guy who just bought a whammy pedal. Parts of a few songs seemed like they had potential, and the group seemd really solid over all.

Tool had great sound, Cellular One didn't seem to muffle any thing. The vocals came out clear, Danny's drums were deep, and every time he hit the bass it felt like the whole sound hit me in the stomach.

Tool played Flood.

I stood next to a guy who may or may not have been Kabir. We were both pretty amazed after lateralus. The whole melt banana segment worked for a little bit, but it seemed like it turned into more of a loud hum, because they didnt give each other room to work with.