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Re: 2007/06/19 - Cedar Rapids, IA - US Cellular Center

crazy. i was on the floor and it was crazy. people who talk during wings/days suck. during the drum off during lateralus it looked like danny was really enjoying himself. it was awesome. i cant believe how much shit was thrown on stage. adam looked really pissesd at a cup that was thrown right in front of him and kicked it. i am sure that they prolly wont be coming back to ceder rapids if they play in iowa again if they even play in iowa again. fuck. i freaked out when they started playing flood. i really didnt expect that. i dont know if it was just me or not but i thought i heard maynard do a lil jon impression during stinkfist. i could just be crazy. overall it was a good show. fuck shoe throwers. fuck wings/days talkers.