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Re: 2007/06/19 - Cedar Rapids, IA - US Cellular Center

This was my third show, the first one on this tour, and it was absolutely fantastic. The entire prouction as well as the performance on the band's part were damn near perfect and despite all the shit getting thrown on stage by the morons on the floor, the band seemed in pretty good spirits. I went with six good friends, five of which had never seen them live. Most of them were pretty big fans (probably at least partially because of my pushing Tool on them over the years) so they had a great time at the show. We showed up a few hours early, so we ended up getting seats in the first row of the balcony not even past the stage on Maynard and Adam's side. Fucking perfect view of everything, including Danny. The only problem with that area was that the vocals were damn near drowned out completely (which didn't really bother me too much as I knew the words, could SEE maynard pronouncing each syllable, and was mostly listening to the other guys anyway) and the fact that we were right by Adam's monitors so they were just a bit louder than would have been perfect for the mix, making Justin kind of hard to hear at times. Best part of the whole thing was that I got one of Danny's drumsticks at the end. He threw it in our direction, where one of my friends got a hold of it, but it was immediately knocked out of his hand and ended up bouncing around a few people, chairs, and other objects, before I finally grabbed it bouncing off the floor. Not quite the pristine catch, but good enough. Being a drummer, that absolutely made my night. By the way, if anyone saw that, I was the shoulder-length haired guy in the bright orange/violet Alex Grey shirt having a sweet time. Another of my companions then got one of the (really cool) security guys on the floor to throw one of Adam's discarded picks to us, so he got that, sweet also. The kids killing each other on the floor didn't really bother me so much, except during wings, when despite the band's best efforts to set a mood with the lighters/break/jam-y noise part beforehand, people kept yelling shit during the song and then actually Started Fucking Moshing about halfway into the song....Oh well, Maynard's mom would've wanted it that way. Damn near perfect alltogether though, I'd almost say the visuals were better than 2002 during the Lateralus tour when they had the giant Alex Grey backdrops and hangings, hope they tour again sometime within the next decade. Peace, kids.