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Re: 2007/06/19 - Cedar Rapids, IA - US Cellular Center

IIIIIIIIIIOWA. IIIIIIIIIIIIOWA. the slight manipulation of Maynard's voice made it special.
EYE-OWA. awesome.

i guess it's to be expected, but the band has evolved into a juggernaut. spot on. this was the most perfect audio mix i have heard in my six TOOL concerts, and the least amount of errors. maynard's voice was stronger than it was on the 10,000 days cd. the distortion of his speaking in between songs was because of the crowd, not the acoustics.

there were a few times when they would play a chord that made my eyeballs vibrate.

i think Melt Banana is wonderful. clearly, people are influenced by their anticipation for the greatest band in the world to come out and play. patience, people. take them for what they are. they are four creative and talented human beings, who shared themselves with us. i REALLY wish i could have heard the lead singer's voice more clearly. i have a feeling it is VERY beautiful!!

the front row of the balcony, on Adam's side, is an amazing perspective. from Adam's talented fingers, to Danny's feet through the clear bass drums, i could see it all.

i LOVED seeing Justin struggle to find "Lost Keys!" HOW FITTING! they are truly masters of their craft. THANK YOU TOOL!

by the way, security was AWESOME! mostly because they were absent. freedom to smoke. freedom to sit on someone else's shoulders. freedom to smoke....
no one said a word. "be free, and enjoy the show." the only clause i could put on that, you short-bus moshers, is that you should be free and enjoy the show without hurting anyone else! i saw too many people get kicked or elbowed in the head while they were simply trying to enjoy the greatest show on earth. to those of you self absorbed assholes that don't care about anyone else's existence: either grow up, get educated, or kill yourself. otherwise you are a cancer to humanity.

i really hate to end on a negative note, because that was an INCREDIBLE SHOW! thank you IIIIIIIIIIOWA!