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Re: 2007/06/19 - Cedar Rapids, IA - US Cellular Center

Everyone else hit the nail on the head with their reviews. Being a long time fan of Tool and having for some reason never made it to a show this was the first for me. I had heard so much from friends and fellow fans who had gone before and I still didn't know what to expect.

Melt Bannana... I just don't get it. They weren't horrible. Just not my cup of tea. Kinda like Manga comics and most anime...I just don't get it.

TOOL was amazing....the US Cellular Center and the locals were pretty bad. However, we managed to find a spot in the second tier of seating above stage left giving us a full view of the show. Normaly, I would prefer to be on the floor but just seeing the crowd before the opening band started I felt the floor wasn't the best spot for experiencing the show.

When we saw the full show included projections on the stage floor I realized we'd picked a prime viewing spot. People tend to stay seated in the balconies so we didn't miss a thing. Seems there were many polite and dedicated TOOL fans around us there.

I have to agree with most of the prior posts here. As I don't get Melt Bannana I think a large portion of the concert goers that night don't get the asthetic of TOOL...It's an experience not a Slipknot concert.

Enough said...I enjoyed the show...Immmensely..