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Re: 2007/06/19 - Cedar Rapids, IA - US Cellular Center

This was my first Tool show and what an experience it was.

They played an awesome set and the crowd was going nuts during the whole show, definitely the most packed I have ever seen this place. The main highlight for me had to have been Lateralus, absolutely amazing.

My only complaints are the same as Jessecuster's, no Aenima, no sober, and no The Pot, and the shirts were indeed overpriced, but I guess that they have to pay for the badass light show somehow, and if you were on the floor, you missed some of what was shown on the stage, and it was pretty damn cool

Also, the whole no cameras allowed thing kinda pissed me off, but whatever, I got some decent pictures with my phone and some really shitty video, haha

If interested, they're here:

Overall, awesome night, one of the best shows I've ever seen, not the best, but its very high up there