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Re: 2007/06/19 - Cedar Rapids, IA - US Cellular Center

6th show.... Third this tour....

It was so great. I am so pissed at all the childish assholes who keep showing up to TOOL concerts and throwing shit. They all should be shot.

At the end, tho.. the guys just stood there for a little bit longer than usual and soaked in the crowd. We were really going nuts. It was all so awesome it was surreal.

Maynard was VERY talkative.. Said IOWA with kind of a slang over and over. I couldn't hear from where I was on the floor, so if anyone knows what he said, please post.

I am on my way to Peoria tomorrow, and Shaumburg next week.
Maybe I'll get pushit, and then I can die a happy woman.

Thank you TOOL for yet another life changing evening.

I'm out. On my way to the Crown Plaza. WHOOO HOOOO!!!
After party at the same hotel that they are staying at.... who knows what could happen!!!

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