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Re: 2007/05/06 - Tucson, AZ - Convention Center Arena

This show was flawless in all aspects. The sound was excellent from where I was (lower bowl, directly opposite the stage). The video projections were incredible and mesmerizing. I was lucky enough to see the band in Mannheim, Germany in December (see previous tour reviews) but that show was somewhat lacking due to the standing room only warehouse-type venue that seemed beneath them, sketchy acoustics, and absence of video projection, etc. This time I purposefully chose what I thought would be a viewing location and it turned out to be much more powerful for me to be able to take it all in from a distance with clear sightlines rather than in the crush of stinky German humanity 10 feet from the stage with me in a Jack Daniels induced stupor. I was stone cold sober this time and I can safely say this was the best concert I’ve witnessed in my 30+ years of attending live concerts. At the end all four guys did the group hug thing and seemed to linger on stage for an extended time taking in the crowd reaction. A nice moment. I really think they felt like they just made some magic on this night. During the show Maynard was in fine spirits (“That’s how we do it in Arizona!”), his voice was clear and strong, Danny pounded the living fuck out of his drum kit (no bicep issues there), Adam was spot on, and Justin was his usual animal self providing the bottom. Overall the band was incredibly tight and sounding better than ever. Any issues from previous concert reviews should be laid to rest. Tool is back (they never really left) and ready to blow the roof off the rest of the country.

I only wish these guys would put out a killer live DVD package someday but maybe that wouldn’t be the Tool way. Always leave ‘em wanting more I guess. Keep the mystery alive and all that. But as a selfish fan I’d love to be able to revisit my concert experiences, except that I’d probably be in my underwear on the couch. I previously saw Tool on the Lateralus tour some 5 years ago and it was great at the time (I miss “The Grudge”!) but the setlist is much more complete these days. Sure, it would be nice if they would play for 4 hours and play everyone’s favorites but of course that would be impossible.

The day before Tool I was at the all-day outdoor KFMA Day at the Pima County Fairgrounds (Authority Zero, Silversun Pickups, The Bravery, Sum 41, Chevelle, Chris Cornell) and while that was a pretty good show with an interesting mix of talent, one day later I was personal witness to the vast chasm that exists between these somewhat pedestrian rock acts (apologies to Chris Cornell, you rule!) and the virtuosity that is Tool. I wonder if other musicians listen to or see Tool and say, “God damn, why do we even bother?” Well Ok, maybe that’s a little harsh. Musical variety makes the world go ‘round, right?. But what a fucking show last night! One complaint, and it has nothing to do with the band, but with the boneheads who decide to make a beer run during Wings/10,000 Days. What a bunch of fucking losers. Not “metal” enough for them I guess. Stay the fuck home next time, stupid jackoffs. Must. Have. Beer… And $6.00 beers at that.

For you people down the road, get ready for the onslaught. I’m not one to travel all around and go to multiple shows so I’ll just tuck this one away in my faulty memory and try to pull it up when I need it and smile and just say “Yeah, that’s how they do it in Arizona”.