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Re: 2007/05/06 - Tucson, AZ - Convention Center Arena

Originally Posted by pscoop View Post
That's awesome. Like I said it helped me get into the show more. I started dancing along with you dude. lol Glad you enjoyed the show, it was a great one.
Right on dude im happy to have made it a little bit better of an experiance im not into the whole mosh bull-shit ESPECIALLY at a Tool show thats just wrong your supposed to soak it all in listen and watch what is happening in front of you.. Yea I have had the pleasure of getting to see them 6 times this 10K days tour, 3 included, GAMMAGE and both VEGAS shows where there were only 2,500 (VEGAS) and 3,000 (GAMMAGE) people at those shows and this one killed them all. I did get to see them do SWAMP SONG in Vegas but to me PUSHIT was way better I wanted to hear that song SO BAD live and we got it. I got to see them do the SALIVAL version back in 01 that was my favorite TOOL show I have ever been to period but this was for sure the best show I have seen since the lateralus tour hands down.