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Re: 2007/05/06 - Tucson, AZ - Convention Center Arena

Originally Posted by jambi46n2 View Post
I was in the area when that commotion erupted and from what I can tell it was just an impromptu release of gratification from the fans for such a pumped show.
The amount of positive energy generated by this show was unfathomable. It spilled over into the parking lot. People still cheering as they were leaving the venue, I've never seen anything like that. Goddamn electric.

This was the greatest performance I've ever seen by any band ever. 6 Tool shows for me, around 500 concerts overall. I've seen every 'big' or 'classic' band (i.e. Who, Stones,Floyd,Rush,etc, who all charge MUCH more that the measly $40 I spent) and I never saw people react to music like on this fateful night. People jumping out of their seats at the end of songs. I've seen standing ovations, but never people so excited that they were literally jumping to their feet (if they were sitting, that is) This was really something special.

Vocals sounded great, although mixed low at times as others have pointed out, but I believe that was intentional, as in the Wings suite. Justin brought fucking thunder. The bass was so loud that, according to my girlfriend, it "made my eyeballs shake." Not loud in a "hey turn that down" way, more like "hell yeah! thats LOUD!" They did a good job managing all of the low end, at times it was bit much, although considering the three instruments working in the same sonic realm at times it really sounded as good as was humanly possible, in my opinion.

I would also like to add that parking was a mere $4. I forgot my directions to the venue, ended up parking within about 100 feet of the ramp to the North exit by pure luck, and was on the freeway heading back to Phoenix in no time. The stars alligned for me last night. Everything was perfect, even parking. I'm going to start attending more concerts on Tucson. Also, a big thank you to the folks at the show, I believe you (we) played and instrumental part in the show coming off so well. Everyone was well behaved, but by no means restrained. You CAN rock out without throwing things and pointing your silly little 'lasers' at the band.

Thanks to the crowd, and a huge thanks to Tool. VALUE.

If this show is coming to your town and you're possibly on the fence because you saw the last summer leg of this tour with MJK sick and were a little let down, this is the antidote.