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Re: 2007/05/06 - Tucson, AZ - Convention Center Arena

Stinkfist (Album Version)
Schism (Extended Version)
Lost keys
Rosetta stoned

PUSHIT!!! (Aenema Version)

10K days
Lateralus (Extended with DC solo)

AMAZING!!! The second time I have not been let down this tour. That was my 6th show this tour 9th over all and PUSHIT made my night the sound was great I had GA and was right in between the sound booth and center to the stage I had a few moments when the bass was killing my chest and I thought I was going to have to move but I just took it (It may have been the E).

All 4 members were on point just an overall great show Visuals were great the lasers were allot better that the two vegas shows . This was one show I am happy to have attended not to say I have ever not been happy at a Tool show but this was hands down my favorite show since the Lateralus tour.

Had a great crowd except I had mosh pits open up on both sides of me a few times and it was starting to piss me off cause I had to protect a girl that is 5'1" through out the whole beginning of pushit but when it slowed down so did the people. and I knew that shit wouldn't be happening during Wings 1&2. to all the people around me who started taking a bunch of flash photography during wings fuck you that is not cool. You could have fucked up the show, Maynard has requested several times through out this tour NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY during wings and 10K days.

Other than that perfect show for me. And the to rest of the crowd MAD-PROPS there was a very good energy flowing throughout the TCC arena I was lovin it. Also I couldn't get any herbal in but there was plenty of people around me willing to share so thank you to you as-well.


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